🦋 The ACT Method for Starting Over

This method is my simple restatement of the Bible’s Salvation Story in three simple steps. Each of these steps must be done sincerely and only after understanding what each step really means. It is simple enough to be understood by children and adults alike. Children often find it an easy process, as they are much more in tune with their natural state of need for this method. Adults, however, may see it as difficult, unreasonable, scary, wholly unappealing, and some even resenting it entirely. Yet, there are fewer things more rewarding than turning over a new leaf in life, turning away from all the things that have haunted you, repenting of your sins, and knowing your conscience is clear. Jordan Peterson, the world’s renowned Psychologist, says, “…that a clean conscience is better than happiness!”

Guilt is one of the foremost root health causes of our day! Guilt is the belief that you know you have done wrong, by violating a part of you, your conscience, that knew better than to do the wrong thing that you did regardless. This often causing stress, depression, depraved living, poverty, wars, violence, immorality, and even causing human DNA to be rewritten in our bodies. The Bible, written thousands of years before humans knew what DNA was, referenced that people’s sins would be inflicted on their children and even their children’s children! This is why: our human DNA is literally rewritten by what we think about, what we do, and how we react to everyday tasks. Therefore, guilt will frequently rewrite our DNA and pass along our sins (guilt, addictions, and immorality) to our children if we don’t take remediation to inhibit this from occurring.

The ACT Method has demonstrable and reproducible results! Frequently noticeable immediately upon sincere completion. This methodology is not new with me, but instead has roots dating back several centuries to truly the beginning of time. Known by many names and terms, this method has been trumpeted as the world’s leading rehabilitation program for misfits, addicts, and immoral living. It has also been the key framework that nations have been built upon, institutions have been instantiated and others destroyed, and even kings and queens have feared and some surrendered to. It has also been misrepresented, misunderstood, persecuted, burned, drowned, trashed, mocked and even suffered attempts at infiltration. Yet, it has never been stamped out, never been burnt away, and has always remained set apart from those methods which seek to supplant it.

Lastly, reach out to a good Bible believing community to ground yourself!

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