Jacob Peabody

I enjoy using my imagination, being creative, and doing things to help people overcome their worse days!

📖 I Have Called You By Thy Name

In Isaiah 40-42, the Lord God has rebuked His spiritual people (Israel) for gross negligence on their part to follow His Commandments and caused great oppression and other calamities to fall upon them for their sins. Isaiah Chapter 43 contrasts the previous chapters and tells of the outpouring of God's mercy and grace not because of Israel's own merits, but because and only because of God's grace. We can look at Chapter 43 as the modern version of a parent saying, “…I'm punishing you for your o...
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⌛ My 10-Rules for Daily Productivity

The following “rules” are a combination of items gathered from various sources, including my own life experience. It's important to approach these structures with care, as humans can easily become entangled in them rather than focusing on the experience. The meaning of life is found in experiential living, not in dogmatic efforts to be perfect. However, to be successful, every human needs an individualistic routine tailored to their specific needs. While I intend to incorporate each of these ru...
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🧭 My Core Values

Here are my five personal core values that I have identified as being most important for my life to represent. Publishing these makes me accountable to everyone who knows me. Everyone, keep me ethical! Keep me true! 🪞 Integrity Integrity is treating others as I would want to be treated. It is behaving in private as I would in public. Integrity does not pay any attention to consequence, only, in doing the right thing. Integrity is staying true to what I understand to be fact. It is being honest...
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🗒️ About Me

🗒️ Hiya! My name is Jacob, but here online I prefer the screen name Curio! Mostly because it describes who I am perfectly! I am a life-long student who happens to be a freelancer, creative writer, coder, and soon to be small business owner! I love writing, thinking, feeling (hate it too), nature, tinkering, and helping people in unique crises! ❤️ I love anything Open-Source: in fact, I am passionate about everything related to Open-Source and specifically open-source software! Moreover, I am a ...
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