About Me

🗒️ Hiya! My name is Jacob, but here online I prefer the screen name Curio! Mostly because it describes who I am perfectly! I am a life-long student who happens to be a freelancer, creative writer, coder, and soon to be small business owner! I love writing, thinking, feeling (hate it too), nature, tinkering, and helping people in unique crises!

❤️ I love anything Open-Source: in fact, I am passionate about everything related to Open-Source and specifically open-source software! Moreover, I am a person FULL of ideas and questions: hundreds of them in fact and ranging in topics from electronics, writing prompts, religion, human psychology, among so many others!

😛 No, I probably wouldn’t share all of them with you, but I built this blog to share the most important and interesting ideas with the world! I would like to consider myself a quiet professional, so maybe this will be one way I can contribute to influence people far and wide: by sharing what I learn!

✍️ I will be adding to this blog with not only updates but helpful content to help others overcome a stagnant and drudge-filled life.

📧 If you would like to chat or ask my help on something, please, feel free to reach out to my public email address: me@jacobpeabody.com

💙 I wish you the best on your life journey towards meaning!